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I’d like to hear about your data and analytics needs and figure out how I can help. I am interested in working on a freelance/consulting basis for one-time or on-going projects with groups big and small (including individuals) who need help making sense of their data. Learn more about the services I offer.

I have over a decade of experience in analytics, marketing, public relations, and communication, focusing almost strictly on digital channels for the past five years, primarily websites. I love analyzing data to find insights and solutions, and I have a strong passion for creating user experiences (both for the consumer and the author) that are efficient, effective and supported by meaningful analytics.

I have experience working with groups in the performing arts, non-profits, fundraising, special event planning, professional associations, healthcare, fitness, retail, and real estate.

I’m also a blogger, fitness enthusiast, dancer, cat lady, and lifelong Chicagoan.

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