I love to consult with individuals, small businesses, and larger groups. Contact me to discuss which services would be most beneficial for you! I am happy to work with all budgets to figure out how to effectively work together.


  • Review data from a variety of sources – web, social media, email, non-digital
  • Identify key insights and learnings
  • Help craft best practices
  • Set up Google Analytics tracking
  • Provide training in Google Analytics or other how to use native analytics (built into your existing platform)


Web Sites

  • Publish content (whether I write it or someone else does)
  • Audit content (optimize content for search [SEO], remove or fix outdated content or links, copy edit)
  • Create content (brainstorm ideas for content, write content, copy edit)
  • Analytics (Set goals, report results via Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, or platform-based analytics, like WordPress)
  • Work with developers on the user experience (of your website and/or content management system)
  • Resize images


Social Media

  • Determine which social platforms would be most beneficial to meet your goals
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Create content (brainstorm ideas for content, write it, copy edit, version out by social channel, resize images)
  • Publish content (whether I write it or someone else does)
  • Set up Facebook ads
  • Analytics (Set goals and report results)


Influencer Outreach

As a blogger and creator/former manager of a local influencer network (, I have extensive knowledge of how brands big and small can effectively work with influencers to share their messages. I can help with identifying bloggers and influencers, working together with brands and influencers on content and strategy, follow-up and auditing for compliance, reporting results, and determining fair pricing.